Certificate System Q&A
LKM_ID's are available to which products?
  • We supply LKM_IDs to the following products: steel plates, standard mould inserts, standard and custom made mould bases, and certain imported components.
How to find LKM_ID's?
  • You can find LKM_IDs at the bottom section of your delivery notes. Customers who purchase LKM products indirectly should contact their supplier/distribution agents.
If the Online Verification indicates an error, what should I do?
We suggest you check the following:
  • i.  Is the LKM_ID 8-letter in length?
  • ii. Are the English letters in capital?
  • iii.Mixed up with the letter O and number 0? (LKM_ID does not contain number zero)
  • iv. Mixed up with the letter I and number 1?
  • If the above does not help, please email us at cert-q@lkm.com.hk.
How long will LKM_IDs stay inside the system?
  • We do not delete LKM_IDs. However, for security reasons we only permit verification and certification download within a 12-month period.
When should I use the "batch LKM_ID" and the "individual product LKM_ID"?
  • Generally speaking, "batch LKM_ID" (as appeared on delivery note) is the easiest way to manage Certificate of Purchase, as it provides access and details to all items listed on the note. Customers may choose to use "individual product LKM_ID" when there is a need to print out the certificates separately.
Is it possible to verify products ordered before 2012?
  • Orders placed before 2012 do not carry LKM_ID's.