Pin Point Gate System

Pin-point Gate System, also known as "double or multiple parting-face mould base" has a dimension range from 200mm x 250mm (2025 series) to 500mm x 700mm (5070 series). Compared with the Side Gate System, the Pin-point Gate System has 4 more support pins and 1 more stripper plate to control the opening and closing actions of the mould. Pin-point Gate System is divided into two sub-systems, D and E, (with and without stripper plate). Similar to the Side gate system, it can be further categorized into 4 types, A, B, C and D, depending on the plates combination. There are two types of clamping slot structure (I and H). Taking all combinations into account, there are 16 models available.

Moulds using Pin-point Gate System are often called three-plate moulds. Runners and gates are designed such that they are located on different parting lines. Product is released from one parting face whilst the runner is released from another parting face next to the stripper plate. Products' appearance is better than those produced using Side Gate System, with no further work required for runner seperation. Due to the extra stripper plate and different open/close mechanism, mould design is generally more complicated, resulting in higher tooling cost and lead time.