Side Gate System

Side Gate System, also known as "mould base with single parting face", has a dimension range from 150mm x 150mm (1515 series) to 600mm x 800 mm (6080 series). In this system, A plate, B plate, stripper plate and support plate can vary, forming four combinations, namely A, B, C and D. According to the different structures of clamping slot, it can be further divided into 3 categories, I type, H type and T type. Therefore, in total there are 12 models available in this system. The system offers a choice of different plate thickness to suit designers' application requirements.

Moulds using side gate system are often called two-plate moulds. Runners and gates are designed in a way that they are on the same parting line. Mould design is simple, with low tooling cost and short lead time, making Side Gate System a favourite within the mould making industry. There are 2 disadvantages with two-plate mould designs - obvious gate mark on product and need to seperate running from product.