Three Plate Type System

Three Plate Type System (often called double or multiple parting-face mould base) is a simplified version of pin point gate system, with dimension ranging from 150mm x 150mm (1515 series) to 500mm x 700mm (5070 series). Unlike the Pin Point Gate system, Three Plate Type System does not have the four support pins. In addition, the standard guide pins on A/B plates are replaced with 4 longer guide pins which extend through the stripper plate to the spacer block. Three Plate Type System is divided into two sub-systems, F and G (with and without stripper plate). As there is no stripper plate between A/B plates, so there are only two types available (A and C). 2 clamping slot types are available (I and H). In total there are 8 models available.

Moulds using Three Plate Type System are often called three-plate moulds. In terms of functions, Three Plate Type System is similar to Pin-point Gate System, with runners and gates located on different parting lines. Therefore, product and gates are released on seperate parting faces. The advantages are similar to that of Pin-point Gate System. The less complex mould base structure permits greater flexibility in mould design, and in general lower tooling cost.