LKM Top Locks
Mold design change quickly, with increasing requirements of precision tooling, but the requirement to reduce the mold cost again at the same time, because of this, dragon for using the home demand, launch new products "ultra-thin top lock", characteristic is to cut the thickness of the top lock, appearance is simplified, reduce processing costs, designers using the product can obtain more flexibility in the use of space and design.

Commonly used edge lock design personnel, usually for processing side lock insert fine box is to be a second clamping and processing, ultra-thin top lock the dimensions with the existing side lock approximation, when processing the mould surface one-time will be inserted into the box to complete, save time and effort, more improved the precision of the mould.Ultra-thin top lock takes up less space, some more processing and a cluster of small and medium-sized molds, now also can install ultra-thin top lock, provides designers with a good choice!