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          Waterborne epoxy floor paint construction method: Waterborne epoxy floor paint in the construction of the same steps as solvent-based floor paint, mainly divided into primer, half-way, patch, surface coating and maintenance. 

          1. Primer. After the concrete substrate is treated and cleaned up, it can be primed (roll or brush). The roll or brush should be uniform in thickness. The primer has a certain water vapor permeability function, can enhance the strength of the substrate and increase the adhesion of the coating to the substrate.


          2. China coating. Waterborne epoxy mortar was prepared by adding quartz sand and quartz powder into the prepared waterborne epoxy coating (intermediate coating). The mortar was evenly coated with a trowel knife to increase the thickness and the compressive strength of the coating.


          3. Batch. After intermediate coating, sandpaper is used to polish the floor, and putty made up of water-borne epoxy paint (intermediate coating) and quartz powder is applied several times according to actual needs. It is required that the floor is smooth without holes, without batch knife printing and sand grinding.


          4, surface coating. The water-borne epoxy floor coatings are coated by roller with two rolls. After completion, the whole floor is required to be smooth, clean, uniform in color, and no empty.


          5, conservation. The surface layer needs 24H, which should be blocked during this period, which is more smooth and smooth than the surface. It can be put into use after 7 days of maintenance (25 C, moderately prolonged at low temperature)

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