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          顏料在油漆中起著著色和遮蓋的作用,保定環氧地坪漆中宜選用耐化學介質和耐候性好的無機顏料,如鈦白粉,氧化鐵紅,氧化鉻綠,氧化鐵黑,氧化鐵黃,氧化鋅,炭黑等,但某些有機顏料酞青藍,酞青綠,雖存在絮凝問題,容易出現浮色,發花等現象,但由于其色彩鮮亮,著色力強,耐化學性能和耐光耐候性能良好,所以在保定環氧地坪漆中也經常得到應用。 保定環氧地坪漆填料的選用對涂層最終性能影響極大,適量的加入不僅能提高涂層的機械強度,耐磨性和遮蓋率,而且能減少環氧樹脂固化時的體積收縮,并賦予油漆良好的貯存穩定性,過量的加入則會增加油漆的黏度,難以流平,選用填料時,應注意填料的吸油量,酸堿性,粒度基形態等,常用的有機沉淀硫酸鋇,云母粉,滑石粉和石英粉

          Pigments play a coloring and covering role in the paint, epoxy floor paint should choose chemical-resistant media and weather-resistant inorganic pigments, such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide red, chrome green, iron oxide black, iron oxide yellow, zinc oxide, carbon black, etc., but some organic pigments phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, although there are flocculation problems, appearance. Floating and blooming are easy to occur, but they are often used in floor paints because of their bright colors, strong coloring power, good chemical and weather resistance. The selection of filler for epoxy floor paint has great influence on the final performance of the coating. Proper addition can not only improve the mechanical strength, wear resistance and covering rate of the coating, but also reduce the volume shrinkage of the curing epoxy resin, and give the paint good storage stability. Excessive addition will increase the viscosity of the paint and make it difficult to leveling. When choosing fillers, attention should be paid to the oil absorption, acidity and alkalinity of fillers, particle size and basic morphology of fillers, commonly used organic precipitation barium sulfate, mica powder, talc powder and quartz powder 

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