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          In the actual construction, each customers floor more or less have some problems, or sand, ash, or cracks, the actual consumption of paint will be greater, so we will not say one-sidedly how much a kilogram of epoxy floor paint can do, but in order to help you save costs, in the field survey of the ground, for you to develop the most practical Hui quality floor design. When communicating with customers, staff often encounter various problems that customers ask. Among them, "one kilogram of epoxy floor paint can be painted large area" is the most common problem. But Xiaobian finds that our staff rarely give an accurate figure. Xiaobian, listening to various valuations, is really confused. After consulting many experienced masters of construction, Xiaobian finally understood why. 原來,影響保定環氧地坪每平米的耗漆量的因素有很多,比如涂裝的地面情況、涂裝要求、施工工藝等等,包括保定環氧地坪漆的底漆、中漆、面漆三種材料,每種材料每平方米用多少漆都是不一樣的,所有的因素綜合作用,使我們的工作人員很難給客戶一個準確的數值。本著為客戶負責的態度,我們的工作人員一般是在了解客戶的涂裝需求和基材地面情況后,根據實際可能產生的耗漆量給

          It turns out that there are many factors affecting the amount of paint consumed per square meter on the floor, such as the ground conditions, requirements, construction technology, and so on, including epoxy floor paint primer, Chinese paint, topcoat three materials, each material per square meter with how much paint is different, all the factors play a comprehensive role, so that our work. It is very difficult for the customer to give the customer an accurate figure. In a responsible manner for our customers, our staff is generally in the understanding of the customers painting needs and substrate ground conditions, based on the actual amount of paint may be generated to give


          If you want to ask here, is there not a standard reference value?


          Nor is it not, if it is flat and seamless standard ground, the market of epoxy primer materials generally consume 0.15 kg to 0.2 kg per square meter, 1 kg primer can be estimated to coat 5-6_floor; the general use of epoxy medium paint material is about twice the amount of primer, every square meter to use 0.4 kg, 1 kg Chinese paint can be brushed 2.5; epoxy topcoat to brush The two way is about 0.2kg per square meter, and 1kg topcoat usually can be painted 5. However, if the epoxy self-leveling process is used, the amount of primer and mid-coat is unchanged, the amount of self-leveling surface paint material per square meter will reach 0.8 kg, 1 kg topcoat is generally brushed about 1.2 cm.

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