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          There are four reasons for the poor hardness of epoxy floor paint: A: it may be your own material problem. B: The proportion of curing agent and diluent is problematic. For example, if the proportion of curing agent is reduced, the hardness of epoxy floor paint will be lower. C: Construction temperature, weather is too cold, epoxy floor paint in a solidified state, curing agent and diluent main paint can not mix very well, the hardness of natural floor paint will also be the bottom. D: The formulations and methods of use of epoxy floor paint are slightly different from each manufacturer. Consult the factory. 環氧樹脂地坪漆是由進口的環氧樹脂加優質固化劑,耐磨石英砂,顏料等輔料調配而成。美地堅麗保定環氧地坪漆特點:環氧樹脂地坪漆做出的環氧樹脂地坪具有耐酸堿、耐磨、耐沖擊、防霉、防塵、止滑、等特性,顏色亮麗多樣,清潔容易。它采用一次性涂覆工藝,整體無縫,而且還是一種無灰塵材料,具有附著力強,耐磨擦,等特點。

          Epoxy resin floor paint is made from imported epoxy resin with high quality curing agent, wear-resistant quartz sand, pigment and other accessories. Features: Epoxy floor paint made of epoxy resin has acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, mildew resistance, dust resistance, skid resistance, and other characteristics, bright colors, easy to clean. It uses one-off coating process, seamless as a whole, but also a dust-free material, with strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, and other characteristics.

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