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          為大家介紹一下常見的幾種保定環氧地坪漆清洗方法: 1.混凝土基面清洗劑。這類清洗劑多數用于混凝土、地下車庫、倉庫等路面,它具有清除油脂油污,增加基面與漆膜附著力的特點,并且不需要做酸蝕處理。2.白堊沾染面清除劑??捎糜诟鞣N涂飾過的墻壁、屋頂、模板和金屬表面,還可以有效去除舊涂層,油脂和霉腐層。建議使用壓力噴洗,效果更佳。

          To introduce to you several common epoxy floor paint cleaning methods: 1. concrete base cleaning agent. This kind of cleaning agent is mostly used in concrete, underground garage, warehouse and other pavement, it has the characteristics of removing grease and grease, increasing the adhesion between base and paint film, and does not need to do acid treatment. 2. scavenging agent for chalk contamination. It can be used for all kinds of painted walls, roofs, templates and metal surfaces. It can also effectively remove old coatings, grease and moldy layer. It is recommended to use pressure spray to achieve better results. 3.專業銹斑清洗劑。專業用于金屬銹和水漬的清理,還可以清除石灰和鈣斑的沉積物,并且效果明顯。適用于墻面,人行道,磚石道路,混凝土等地面使用。

          3. professional rust stains cleaning agent. It is specially used for cleaning metal rust and water stains. It can also remove deposits of lime and calcium plaque, and the effect is obvious. It is suitable for wall, sidewalk, masonry Road, concrete and so on.


          4. professional oil cleaning agent. Obstinate new and old oil stains can be easily removed and have good anti-seepage function. It can be used directly in grease concrete pavement, underground garage, warehouse and so on.

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