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          The old ground must be sanded, if the original ground label is not enough grinding is useless, it is recommended to RE-cement pouring, and then do the epoxy floor you need, epoxy floor materials can be done according to your requirements, but to listen to the opinions of the engineers, otherwise it will affect the service life. Epoxy floor engineering experts opinion: the site often use interfacial agents to mix cement scraping, hoping to cover the sand part, in fact, this will not achieve the desired effect, generally dry surface will crack, peel off, large area of shelling. This is because the grass-roots has not been properly treated, the grass-roots flour, want to achieve the effect of repair by covering is completely wrong idea. 1.水灰比過大:即拌合的混凝土水量大,導致混凝土表面泌水,降低混凝土表面強度。

          1. Water cement ratio is too large: that is, the mixing of concrete water, resulting in the surface of concrete bleeding, reducing the surface strength of concrete.


          2. The unreasonable gradation of sand and stone and the high content of mud: the unreasonable gradation of aggregate and the excessive fine sand also easily lead to the ground sand, affecting the early hydration of cement and the setting of concrete.


          3. Excessive vibration during construction: aggravate the bleeding of concrete surface, resulting in low surface strength of concrete.


          4. Improper maintenance: not timely maintenance or inadequate maintenance, exposure to sunlight or wind caused a large number of concrete surface dehydration, surface can not be fully hydrated, resulting in low strength.


          5. Other reasons: poor control of calendering time, concrete surface did not reach a certain strength on the work, low temperature construction of concrete surface frozen, etc.

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