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          After the curing of epoxy floor paint, there will be many bubbles on the surface. How to solve them? It is an inevitable phenomenon that there are bubbles on the epoxy floor. As long as the bubbles are produced, the main reason is that the air generated by the heat generated by the reaction of epoxy with curing agent during the use of the coatings and the bubbles floating on the surface of the coatings after the film forming process have a great influence on the floor. So We must pay attention to this. The general solutions are as follows: A. 在施工工程中,將攪拌后的涂料放置一段時間后再使用,可免除氣泡的產生。

          A. In construction projects, the mixing of paint after a period of time before use, can avoid the production of bubbles.

          B. 在涂料生產中,適當加入消泡劑,以降低涂料的表面張力,消除氣泡的產生,但是,消泡劑的加入,必須接近其相容性和溶解性的極限,否則又會產生縮孔

          B. In the production of coatings, defoamers should be properly added to reduce the surface tension of coatings and eliminate the formation of bubbles. However, the addition of defoamers must be close to the limit of compatibility and solubility, otherwise shrinkage will occur.


          C. choose slower curing agent with less viscosity.

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