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          In order to improve the compatibility between epoxy resin and curing agent in epoxy floor paint and the water resistance of the film, it is very important to design the form of dispersions of epoxy resin and curing agent. On the one hand, the hydrophilic groups of epoxy resins are modified. The early epoxide emulsion is prepared by the addition of emulsifiers, and its stability and water resistance are not good. Nowadays, polyethylene glycol, alcohol ether compounds or non-ionic surfactants are used to modify the reaction with epoxy resin, and introduce hydrophilicity into the epoxy resin molecules. The group has self emulsifying property.

          另一方面,對固化劑進行改性,可以是一種雙酚A與胺的加成物,同樣經過用親水基團改性,而體系中不存在游離的非離子表面恬性劑,是一種水性分散體或水包油的乳藏,可以用水來降低體系的黏度,而不會發生相分離.而Ⅱ型涂料在稀釋時常需加人乙酸使胺固化劑穩定。目前國外已有不少此類水分散體固化劑專利公開,國內也有廠家推出了該類固化劑產品。并在一些領域得到了應用。 用水性環氧乳液與水性胺固化劑分散體復配的體系被稱為V型水性環氧體系,它改變了過去胺固化劑是水可溶的狀態,提高了與樹脂的匹配性,有人用原子力顯微鏡對V型體系進行了研究,表明涂膜的均勻性得到了很大的提高。

          On the other hand, the curing agent can be modified as an additive of bisphenol A and amine, which is also modified by hydrophilic groups, and there is no free non-ionic surfactant in the system. It is a water-based dispersion or oil-in-water emulsion, which can be used to reduce the viscosity of the system without phase separation. When coating is diluted, it is necessary to add acetic acid to stabilize the amine curing agent. At present, many patents of such water dispersions curing agents have been published abroad, and some domestic manufacturers have introduced such curing agents. It has been applied in some fields. The system of water-borne epoxy emulsion and dispersions of waterborne amine curing agent is called V type waterborne epoxy system. It changes the water soluble state of amine curing agent in the past, and improves the compatibility with resin. Some people have studied the V type system by atomic force microscope, which shows that the uniformity of coating film has been greatly improved. 

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