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          拋光混凝土保定環氧地坪正迅速成為人們最喜歡的保定環氧地坪之一。拋光混凝土地面,是指混凝土通過研磨工具逐步打磨并經與化學硬化劑共同作用后所形成的混凝土表面。 施工者使用化學硬化劑滲透自然澆筑的混凝土,使其表面強度和致密度得到強化,并通過機械打磨和拋光提高其平整度和反光度,從而使混凝土地坪兼備使用性能和特殊的裝飾效果。這就是為什么大多數零售,倉庫和辦公室選擇拋光混凝土地坪的原因。 下面就給大家分享下拋光混凝土地坪的拋光工藝:粗磨處理 這個過程從使用在金屬基體中粘合的粗金樹磨片開始。這部分足夠粗糙,可以去除地坪上的小凹坑、污點、污跡或淺色涂層,最終形成平滑的表面。 根據混凝土的狀況,這種初始的粗磨通常需要三到四步的研磨過程 細磨處理 這個過程是使用鑲嵌在塑料或樹脂基質中的樹脂磨片對混凝土表面進行細磨。施工人員使使用越來越細的拋光盤進行研磨,直到地坪達到所需的光澤。對于非常高的光澤度,最后可以使用1500目或更細的磨片。

          The polished concrete floor is rapidly becoming one of the most popular floors. Polished concrete ground refers to the concrete surface formed by grinding tools and chemical hardening agents. The builder uses chemical hardening agent to penetrate the naturally poured concrete, which strengthens its surface strength and density, and improves its smoothness and reflectivity through mechanical polishing and polishing, so that the concrete floor has both performance and special decorative effect. Thats why most retailers, warehouses and offices choose to polish concrete floors. Heres how to polish concrete floors: Coarse grinding starts with the use of coarse gold tree sharpeners bonded to metal substrates. This part is rough enough to remove small pits, stains, stains, or light-colored coatings from the floor and eventually form a smooth surface. Depending on the condition of the concrete, this initial coarse grinding usually requires a three to four-step grinding process, in which the surface of the concrete is finely ground using resin Abrasives embedded in a plastic or resin matrix. The builders used the polishing discs to polish them until the floor needed luster. For very high gloss, you can use 1500 or more fine grinding discs.

          經驗豐富的拋光人員知道何時通過觀察地坪表面和被去除材料的數量來切換到下一個更細的目數。拋光處理 在拋光過程中,使用內部浸漬密封劑。滲入混凝土中的密封劑,肉眼幾乎看不見。它不僅從內到外保護混凝土,而且使混凝土變硬,并增加密度。這消除了對局部涂裝涂層的需要,也大大減少了維護。如果在最后的拋光階段將拋光劑鋪在表面上,會使地坪更光亮。這些拋光劑還有助于清除拋光過程中殘留在表面的殘留物,形成一個耐污染的表面。你可以用濕法的或干法打磨混凝土。雖然每種方法都有其優點,但由于干法拋光更快,更方便,更環保,因此是目前行業中最常用的方法。目前許多施工隊采用是干濕結合的拋光方法。干法拋光用于初始研磨步驟,當更多的混凝土被去除后。當表面變得光滑,施工人員從金屬磨片轉換到更精細的樹脂磨片時,它們通常會變成濕法拋光。

          Experienced polishers know when to switch to the next finer eye by looking at the surface of the floor and the amount of material removed. During polishing process, internal impregnating sealant is used. Sealant infiltrated into concrete is almost invisible to the naked eye. It not only protects concrete from inside to outside, but also hardens concrete and increases density. This eliminates the need for partial coating and greatly reduces maintenance. If the polishing agent is laid on the surface in the final polishing stage, the floor will be brighter. These polishers also help to remove residues on the surface during polishing, forming a contaminated surface. You can wet or dry concrete. Although each method has its advantages, dry polishing is the most commonly used method in the industry because it is faster, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly. At present, many construction teams adopt dry and wet polishing methods. Dry polishing is used in the initial grinding step, when more concrete is removed. When the surface becomes smooth and the builder shifts from metal to finer resin, they usually become wet polished.

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