ArcelorMittal - Introduction
As a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal group, the biggest steel making company in the world, Industeel is specialized in quarto plates, our strategy is to keep our leadership worldwide on special quarto plates supplying including carbon steel, low alloys, and stainless steels for cryogenic, plastic injection, wear resistant, high strength, anti-corrosion, pressure vessel, offshore and nuclear application.

Industeel offers full dimensional range of mould and tool steel grades, including Superplast@ for plastic injection mould, Isotrop@ for die casting, hot work/cold work tool steel and corrosion-resistant mould steel. In addition to our high technical advantage and stable quality, Industeel is specialized for ultra-thick blocs with large dimension, for example: Superplast@ products could reach 4300mm width and 1210mm thickness, which fulfil the requirement of mould industry.