BAOWU STEEL - Introduction
SW series plastic mould steel of Baosteel
Baosteel Special Steel Unit is the main manufacturer of Baosteel special steel products. With more than half a century of development and the completion of a series of technical transformation , Baosteel Special Steel Unit, inheriting the advantages from the former Shanghai No.5 Steel Company which was founded in 1958, and enjoying the integrated resources of Baosteel Ltd., has manufactured all varieties of high-quality mould steel, especially the SW series plastic mould steel. The metallurgical quality of SW prehardened forging blocks can be well-matched with Europe mould steel, get the trust and recognition from the end users such as Automotive OEMs and Component Suppliers and Household Electrical Appliances Enterprises.

LKM GROUP and Baosteel Special Steel Unit have always been to maintain good strategic partnership, jointly promote each other brand advantage and industrial strength in the field of mould steel production and marketing, provide more perfect, more satisfied, more direct quality service and high quality mould steel for Chinese mould industry.


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