High Performance Pre-hardened Plastic Mould Steel With Excellent Polishablity

Delivered Condition:
Prehardened to 341-400 HB

Comparable Standard:
AISI P20 Modified ESR
W.Nr 1.2738 Modified ESR


  • LKM738MHESR has undergone ESR process to achieve high purity. Through special composition ratio, it can achieve better performance in polishability, toughness and weldability than conventional W.Nr 1.2738. Its thermal conductivity is also better than other mould steel of the same type. It has uniform hardness across the cross-section

Major Application:

  • Large plastic mould with high surface requirement
  • Moulds for automobile headlamps, rearview mirror, lanterns and interior decoration
  • Moulds for TV and copier housings


 LKM Steel Rainbow Chart