Quality Control
The quality of steel plates are determined by 3 main factors:
Chemical composition
Production methods
Quality control processes

In addition to the well known competitive advantages of LKM such as distribution network and financial strengths, LKM establishes close relationships with steel mills throughout the world. Without compromise, LKM demands the steel we purchased to meet stringent standards.

The quality control department runs a series of quality control tests on every batch that arrives at LKM facilities. LKM's famous colour coding scheme greatly reduces the chance of error on the workshop floor and the barcode system enables each piece of steel to be traced to its exact source.

The LKM tool steel laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipment, and is ready to conduct tests in chemical contents, internal composition, crystal structure analysis, hardness, tensile strength, and so on. As for other pre-sales or after-sales services, our experts are always keen to help out.

LKM steel plates - genuine, high quality and worth every cent.